I am going to be sick

I know long time no post but I cant take it any longer I am about to be sick with this whole economy shit.

So a friend just emails me saying her dh text’s her from work (same company as dh just different division) and there is going to be YET another lay off.


the last one left dh with only 12 people under him in sinority and C says this next one is going to be March of 98… which only gives hers and my dh 1 year of moving room which is absolutely NOTHING at Kohler.
I am just sick, if he gets laid off we are going to loose EVERYTHING.

I just dont know what to do anymore. we have cut all that we can cut, and we still cant make it.

omg I am going to puke. my head is already pounding because I have been fretting over money all damn day long.

WTF something needs to change… and fast.

everything we worked so hard for has been slowly ripped away because everything keeps going up… and there are no pay raises… because companies just cant at this time.

I feel as numb as the day Dylan was born right now… I try to think and the mind is blank and no words can come out of my mouth.

sure there are places hiring here but each one has the same issue… CHILD CARE.

they are not willing to work with people on scheduling… and we cant pay for Day Care at what these places are paying and my parents work so damn much that they cant take the kids either (not that we are asking them to… because they have to make ends meet to, so why would we cut their hours… KWIM)

School is shit right now to, I hate this friggin class but it require. I comtempolated not taking summer classes… BUT then my loan goes out of defferment and we would have to pay that… so I AM STUCK.

Right now yes I understand it the future on why I went back to school but the problem is RIGHT NOW! I just cant right now I need to be out working as much as I friggin can.

omg I want to puke. my head hurts…

oh shit I better get back to writting this damn million page researcch paper. I have been at 5 pages out of 10 for the PAST week. ugg I am in no mood for this damn shit.

I have to go



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My oldest son is “gifted”!!!!

He just brought home his invite to the PACE program at school!!!!

in Reading and MATH!!!

WoW! seriously lol

I am just so proud right now I cant stop crying.

(dont worry they are tears of joy)

I am so proud of you R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So Saturday at Randy’s retirement party, we were talking to Jamie about how they did the big switch from auto sales to body work only.

Well dip me in shit… I JINX’d us!

Kurt comes home today saying… DO NOT take the van anywhere the breaks need to be fixed and it is very dangerous.

ohh nice huh.

so I called Jamie over lunch, but he was at lunch too.

So when Kurt woke up I had him call because I have way to much to get done… and no time to do it.

T is also sick today… so its not helping me out lol.

that damn vehicle. we just stuck money into it to fix the computer chip in the door.

who ever made up the Damn thing for FORD… IS RIGHT





*sigh* just when I get money back in saveings… POOF!

well I guess thats why I am working so hard at the yarn thing.

thank god I am because without it we would be walking everywhere in this damn snow.

So thats the positive in this, thank god the need for yarn and wool are still out there, it helps my business out and it helps my family out ๐Ÿ™‚

and thats the whole reason I started my business ๐Ÿ™‚ to help everyone out on both ends.

I get to play with yummy yummy yarns and fibers, then send them to my customers who love them!!

lol then we get to add to the Wisconsin economyย  (and a friends business) by constantly fixing our FORD. lol lol

so there are positives in this right!

for Jamie and Lori, for my yarn customers, for my family and for Wisconsin… oh and my new favorite farm in Janesville, I have been helping her the tiny bit I can too. but everyine keeps asking for her sheeps wool ๐Ÿ™‚

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tears of pride

I am the first to admit I dont care for football and I dont know what is going on with it…

HOWEVER… no matter who you are in Wisconsin, you know the pride BRETT FAVRE gave all of us… you CAN feel it!

I am sitting here watching the new and their breaking story about a possible lead that Favre has decided to retire.

It does hurt, but at the same time I am so damn proud of him for going out at the top of his game.

sure he may have some drive left in him… WHO cares! He has done so much for the spirit of the NFL, Spirit of Green Bay and Spirit of Wisconsin. I dont think he will ever truely understand how much we love him in Wisconsin. I know he knows his fans love him, but I dont think he really knows. and I say this because he is just a super amazing modest guy. a real person… who just happens to be the NFL’s all time #1 quarter back.

When I lived in GreenBay this was easier to relate to because GB folks are JUST packers fanatics, not that he rest of the state is not… but the “aire” is different up there.

Anywhoo, even if it is not to be found true about his retirement…


you DO deserve the break. Retire and kiss your beautiful daughters and your stunning wife, and tell them you are HOME for good!

You have Wisconsin’s approval Favre. We love you, we are proud of you! and you deserve the time to retire ๐Ÿ™‚

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We are getting there…

Slow but sure!

But L is doing GREAT! on the potty (for a headstrong 2 yr old)

She is able to tell me when she has to go and hold it until I bring the little potty to her… which is great!

However… she is alot like T… and has her own mind. so if the call of nature does not fit into what she is doing at the time… she feels its a nusance. lmao

too funny.

So we are getting there sloe but sure.

I dont expect her to train has fast as R, but I am so praying she does faster than T (hes a challenge).

anywhoo I was so proud of yet another successful… “omg I have to go moment” more so because the weirdo was insisting on running around the hosue in snow pants. sounds like an easy off… but its not when you are raceing the clock with a learning bladder.

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Smile from ear to ear!


I have been debateing with myself lately on wheter or not I wanted to change parties for this vote.

As much as I would really like Obama… and I truely do like him. but I feel a loyality to thr republican party.

801473_559264.jpgwell that and I want to see Hillary GO DOWN IN FLAMES!

and huckebee… well he does nothing for me.

But I must go back in time.

I was all set to vote McCain last time around, but he sadly ran out of funds and had to stop his campaign. I seriously did cry to.

But mannnnnn I am feeling damn good about our primary today!!!!!!

oh and I must say… However… If in fact Obama does end up wining in the end. oh well.

I will be smiling then to.ย  I will be happy with either, seriously!

This is the first time I have had such a hard time saying in party. I agree we do need the change… but theres just something about McCain.

I dont know what it is… but it really conforms I need to stick to my convictions and remain with my fellow republicans… I just have to.

But man that felt damn good when I saw the results. lets send Hillary back to her hole in the ground. I refused to vote for her hubby and I WILL NOT vote for her!


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Anyone have a Zamboni?

because our “big” snow storm we were expecting turned into RAIN!

dcp_0013.jpgand now we have quite a few inches of Ice.

Anyone for a hockey game?



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